Monday, December 11, 2006

Sysadmins blocked my blog! - but failed at that too!!
PS: IIITians plz use above link or FuckProxy to view it.

I highlighted a couple of truths about the sysadmins and they blocked my blog.
But how could a linux newbie who doesn't even know commands like ls; who searches for notepad on a linux system; who tries to use a mysterious command called unblock whose working only he knows; who creates 100 accounts manually; who sends mails like this; could ever successfully accomplish a task as tough as blocking a website?

Yes. You guessed it right. They couldn't even block my blog completely. Its blocked for Wireless LAN(in hostels to be precise) but unblocked in labs. So this once again exposes the sheer inability of IIIT's so called 'system administrators'.

But think how low they could go? I never wrote any abusing words about them. I only wrote truth(to the best of my knowledge). I just tried to expose the problem that we iiitians are facing. And look at what they have done...

I think I have to be careful in future. What if they do something with my students id? What if they send fake mails from my id to my girlfriend(s)? Well... I don't have any :(
What if they delete all my projects on 200 and 205? Well... I have already made backups... and I am pretty sure that when they delete something from 200/205, they will definitely forget to delete it from the respective backup servers.

PS: Best of luck to all my seniors for the placement season.
PS2: I am suffering from using-well-too-many-times syndrome.


Anonymous said...

why dont u complain to Prof. Kamal? I guess he will listen to u. and tell him that there is no reason for blocking ur blog url and that its against the right to express.

youcanguesswhoami said...

hehe, welcome to the club. i cant remember the number of times Fourteen DOT Six has been blocked for

1. experimental reasons
2. bandwidth analysis
3. testing

etc etc etc.

Navin Parasrampuria said...

hi gr88 blog yaar!!! y dont u try kproxy (
your fuckproxy is also gr88.

Anonymous said...

nice to here your voice buddy ..
tell us what we can do to help IIIT get out of this pathetic state .

Turbo said...

Hey you seem to got it wrong.
How will you access that Kproxy when internet itself is not working.

FuckProxy's purpose is different from normal proxies. Its supposed to allow you to browse net when the normal services for net is down in iiit.

BTW, are you a iiitian?

Anonymous said...

Mail is Blog

Pls give Site

gurpal singh said...

Pls give the site

Turbo said...

If you want to know the link to fuckproxy, thats on the very first line of the post.