Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not in IIIT? but still of IIIT? Its for you then...

What a catchy line! Steve Jobs should choose me to campaign for Apple's iPhone ;)

This post is just about a Firefox extension that I made that I allows one to browse IIIT LAN when you are outside IIIT! Yes, from any part of the world. It supports http, https, and yes ftp also ;) Its called IIIT LAN Browser. (suggestions for a better name?). However its meant to be used ONLY by IIITians. So you are required to login using your 200 ID(once per session). I guess alumni still have their 200 IDs, right?

And there is one more Firefox extension. FuckProxy 0.2 is released. Its basically the old one with with a few bug fixes and auto-update support. I request you for the last time to uninstall your previous version and install this one. Auto-update will then take care of all future upgrades.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Rona dhona...

Got the first C at IIIT this semester. Its not that I am pissed off at getting C. I am expecting D or even F in compilers and similar low grades in a few other courses as well. But what I am pissed off at is that I got a C in an HSSM, Philosophical Discussions on Human Desires to be precise. This was the course that I was counting on as the saviour of my SGPA this sem! I always heard from my seniors that the least that you can get in Human Desires is B. And most probably one gets A or A-. To make matter worse, I have taken STS(Science, Technology and Society) this sem which is again under the same prof. Looks like I need to be a regular in STS and keep asking doubts to the prof to ensure that he considers me a sincere student and gives me a better grade this time.

Friday, January 05, 2007

FuckProxy Update

Use the following url to view this blog:

FuckProxy has been updated to work with latest firefox version
I have kept the old version number, so in order to install it, please uninstall the previous version first.
I am thinking of enabling the auto-update option so that firefox automatically looks for updates as it does for other extensions. But that will take time.
Also FuckProxy has been disabled for requests that are from outside IIIT intranet. This has been done to prevent possible misuse of IIIT resources.


PS: My blog is unblocked now in labs. Will have to check for hostels.