Friday, November 24, 2006

LOL at sysadmins

Yesterday, when Wireless LAN was down, the following mail was sent to the students mailing list by for helping us out of the problem:-

dear student,

wlan is not working due to some technical problem. In your
setting (mozilla) you select direct internet connection setting it will work.


Do I need to say anything more?

GOD help us...........


Himank said...

well I guess there isnothing more left to say.. ;)

oBelIX said...

we oughta make a separate blog for sysadmin goofups :D ... Will be fun reading :D.

The other day when there was heavy broadcast on wired LAN, the suggestion was it is a power problem. Switch off all PC's in the lab and wait till we fix it :D

Turbo said...

Ohhh... so is that the reason for yesterday's ups power cut in ground floor labs?
God save us!!

ranta said...

yeah.. it was hilarious.

Sumanth said...

I am rolling on the floor laughing !

Hey.. how abt something like phdcomics, a cartoon strip with the goofups of the current sys admins !

Karan said...

seriously, he's goofed it all up.. there aint nethin left 2 say