Friday, July 21, 2006

Foxmarks, TCCC and random stuff...

Thank God! Blogger is back. I could not post for such a long time, though I could read blogspot blogs using pkblog and several other proxies. But I didn't get how ppl posted blogs during the time blogspot was blocked.
Foxmarks = Firefox + Bookmarks
You guessed it right. Its yet another firefox extension but is extremely useful for dual OS people like me.

If you use Firefox on more than one computer, you'll want Foxmarks. Install Foxmarks on each computer, and it will work silently in the background to keep your bookmarks synchronized. As a bonus, log in to from any computer anywhere to access your bookmarks.
What it does is that It synchronizes the bookmarks that you add on different PCs/OSs. That is, if you add a bookmark in your lab PC you can get it added on your room PC as well. It creates an account for you on and your bookmarks automatically get uploaded to this site every 1 minute. It uses the same account on the other PC and downloads the updated bookmarks. This happens both ways. That is both upload(every 1 min) and both download(every 1 hour).
It helps me because half of time I am in windows and half in linux. So I created an account for myself and use it in both OSs.
Now before further delay, download it here :

There is another way around (only for dual OS ppl like me and not dual PC ppl) that struck me just now. You will require a fat32 partition.
Create a file called bookmarks.html in your fat partition.
First lets handle windows. Create a shortcut to this bookmarks.html file in the folder where your bookmarks are stored in windows. The directory is :- C:\Documents and Settings\Turbo\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\n074fqtc.default
You have to make some changes in above path for your PC.
For linux create a softlink to the bookmarks.html file with the same name in the directory where your linux bookmarks are stored. I don't remember the exact the path (as I am in windows now) .
I haven't tried it yet. Should work without much trouble.
For more info about extensions that I use read my previous post Cool Firefox Extensions.

2006 TopCoder Collegiate Challenge

Yes! yet another Topcoder contest. This is diffrent from Topcoder open. This one is open only to college students. Still its very tough. I don't hope to get any further than the Qualification Round :P The guys from Poland, Sweden are extremely good in programming. You won't believe there are highschool students in these countries who are red at TopCoder. One of the finest examples is Zuza. The registration begins from August 28 and the qualification round is somewhere in september. Hope I don't get disqualified this time as I was in Google Code jam.(Read this for more details).

Random Stuff
No time for random stuff now. Got to go to give bumps to Akash Deep.

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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally the project starts....

Hmm... Wasted 2 months in the name of project and did nothing.
Reason : Prof. Jawahar gave us the job to make a portal : an extremely boring job.
He told us to complete the portal in 10 days and then start with our project. It was actually 10 days work only. But it was so boring that we would work on it for 2 hours after a gap of every 10 days! And add to it Prof. Jawahar's style of asking you to change everything once you have completed. We had to change the entire(almost entire) portal 2 times. So.. 2 months passed.
Now its complete(atleast we have stopped working on it and Prof. Jawahar didn't ask us to do anything more on it.)
And now we are starting our summer project on Shot Boundary Detection. It sounded pretty boring to me at first, but after reading a few research papers I think its interseting and I am ready to dive into it!
Hope we will work sincerely on it.

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