Friday, November 03, 2006

Server Room Tragedy: #11

Well.... tragedies are happening so frequently that I don't even have time to report them. This tragedy happened before I reported the last tragedy... but I didn't had time yesterday to report it.

Well this time the server room staff knowingly or unknowingly changed some configurations that blocked SAS. Those who don't know, SAS stands for Simple Authentication Service. Its purpose is "One person One password". That is, you can use your 200 password for all IIIT portals. It is used in almost all IIIT portals- Mess Portal, Movie Club, ISAS Portal, Student Information Portal, News portal, TV Portal, Election Portal, and tens of other portals that students make as a part of their projects.

Most probably(just my guess), they tried to make the 200 more secure by blocking unused ports and in the process blocked port 61237, that was being used by SAS. Well, the shocking thing is not that they blocked it (because they did it by mistake), but that they could not unblock it back themselves. Devansh sir, had to help them for such a simple task. System administrators don't know how to unblock a port. LOL. (DISCLAIMER: This para makes sense only if what I guess is correct.)

Those who missed the last tragedy(10th), here is the link:-
Links to previous nine tragedies (reported by Nirnimesh sir) is also available at the above page.

PS: If you have a screenshot supporting the last tragedy(10th), please mail me. I need to put that on the last post as a proof.
PS1: Feel free to bug/flame/spam sysadmins at . Its your right to ask them questions on what is happening. Why is net down... etc. etc.

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Anonymous said...

how come no one is writing about facultys response to all the server room problems and the sysadmins

Sandeep Kumar aka Turbo said...

Because faculty is not responding at all! They are just ignoring.

Upmanyu said...

chk out the non-proxy configuration for the firefox browser...note: 172.16.*.*,

they must have tried to connect to 10.11 but when it gave a proxy error they included that ip in the list as well:D...

would someone remind the sysadmins that * doesn't work for mozilla/firefox

Piyush said...

Even on opening the port the SAS system wasnt working..nd as always sys admins didnt knw why...:D..& once again Nirnimesh sir had to come to the rescue & when he suggested that the ownership of the shadow files has been changed to root instead of sysadmin & hence its not working..only then things started waorking again...

oBelIX said...

just buzzed