Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Who selected the sysadmins?

Well... I have been asking this question for long to all my friends. But today, after being EXTREMELY EXTREMELY HIGHLY HIGHLY FRUSTU over the performance of internet and NO PERFORMANCE of WLAN and DC++, I want to ask this question to the concerned authorities.

I know that Profs like DR. Kamal, Dr. Sangal, Dr. Govindrajulu, Dr. PJN, etc. read blogs. Well.. if you are reading this post, then consider it as your responsibility to defend the selection of the sysadmins
Accept the inability of the sysadmins and remove them.

How come someone employ such system adminsitrators who don't even know linux, to monitor / administrate around 10-20 important linux servers in the server room that are the lifelines of IIIT?
I want to know what was the process followed when selecting the sysadmins. I want to know who selected them. Those who selected them, don't they know that all IIIT servers, proxy, etc. are linux systems and only a linux bond can administrate them. Forget linux bond, you have not even selected a linux newbie, you have selected such persons who are not even linux newbies. They simply don't know linux.

Well... Let me go into a little defensive note. I can't prove that they are completely new to linux, but its well established that they are no more than linux newbies. Even a UG1 student (after passing the first semester) knows more than them. If you want proof of this statement then visit:- as well :P)

If you still don't believe, then just go and have a chat with the sysadmins regarding linux. You will soon start believing.

PS1: Yes... I am not doing anything else than weeping about the problems. But the problem is that faculty does not believe that there is anything wrong.(well, not exactly but still they prefer to ignore). So, I think weeping about the problems may ring some bell in faculty's mind.

PS2: Sangal sir, please don't say I have over emphasized the problem as you say about every post in the blogging world.

PS3: Those who are trying to block DC++, please understand that you *MAY* block DC++ but still you can't block all ways of sharing unless you block the whole LAN. If you block DC++, students will resort to some other INEFFICIENT way of sharing resulting in more degradation of LAN performance(if at all its true that DC++ degrades performance). We need sharing and we will do it somehow. Only problem is that it may be an inefficient method as compared to DC++.

PS4: I have nothing personal against the sysadmins. It is all the fault of those who selected windows geeks(not sure) to administer linux servers.

PS5: So long PSs!

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Anonymous said...

Its a Cat-n-Mouse game now !!
We need to share and we will find workarounds, even if it worsens the performance of the network.
Strange isnt it ? We will bring down the entire infrastructure with us ..

Its on now .. IT IS ON !!

oBelIX said...

i really pity the sysadmins. they are taking the wrong approach. there are 1000 students in IIIT. There are much fewer sysadmins. I think 1000 of our brains outthinks the sysadmin's.

smr said...

actually the problem is not selecting bad sysadmins.. its almost impossible to find better sysadmin for the budget we have, and even for much better budget.

the problem is reducing the role of student sysadmins. its impossible to find capable people like the students we have in campus (for peanuts that too) for sysadmin work. i dont understand why cant they understand such a simple thing and get student sysadmins back.

and problem is with you all people as well who are letting them screw up things. what stops you from finding out the problem and making the sysadmins work and fix it. its your problem and you got to solve it. sysadmins are not getting E E H H FRUSTU coz of bad internet or wlan or dc.

and i am sure... almost 1 hr of everyone is getting wasted everyday coz of screwed up internet/net. minimum 500 man hrs everyday. institute should take it seriously.

playboi said...

I have some restrictions about the topic Though i totally agree that the sysadmins are a total waste and that we should have student admins, there is stil something that is bothering me a little. Think about 5 years from now. Everynow and then, changing the student sysadmin will get a little frustrating and the things will always be changing. but if say for another year or two, we let these sysadmin play around, i think at the end of it all, we will have some good minds working in the server room who will be able to work, prolly better than the student sysadmins, I guess sangal is looking for that.

I agree with smr, its ur problem, go bug him everyday everyhour, every 10 mins. I guess we have a lot of velli janta at IIIT. make one of them go every 10 mins and ask the sysadmin about the problem. If u are getting frustu, let him get the same.

Karan said...

u have raised a very valid issue.. as a matter of fact, we did talk to prof.mitra regding this, and he said that even he is of the view that a student sys admin will hold them in good stead. But even after so much time, nothin has been done about it!

skp said...

lol @ anony

@IV :: dood some ppl got multiple brains for e.g. U :P so basically after working arnd some diffrential eqs I c ... we got some 1429 awesome brains to manage IIIT network...

@smr :: I m moving out to stay with U

@rao :: i didnt read ur comment

@karan :: no wonder

@turbo :: dont worry, everything will be fine, till then watch khosla ka ghosla and have fun ...

Turbo said...

Already watched. Its awesome!

Anonymous said...

If you had wasted time to bang the head of Kamal and Sangal and those mf sysadmins it would have been more fruitful.