Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My first self-cooked dinner!

Today my roommate and I moved our lazy asses and cooked some dinner. And we completed it in a record time of 1 hour 15 minutes on our small electric stove. The menu included jeera rice, dal, mashed potatoes and panner butter masala (PBM) :D And mind you, we even made the paneer from the milk ourselves.

Here is the pic:-

And it was quite tasty given that it was our first time. Actually, I have helped my mother several times in making rice and dal, but that was more of a mechanical process where my mom would keep guiding me with the amounts of rice, waters, etc. that I needed to add and the number of whistles of the pressure cooker I needed to wait for. Today we were on our own :)

We read the recipe for PBM on net and then found out we didn't have tomoatoes and a few spices. We added some tomato sauce to compensate for the tomotaoes :P A nice looking gravy came out of that. And it tasted just fine!