Monday, September 25, 2006

Stupid Blogger/Blogspot

Blogger/Blogspot has now reached the limit regarding being stupid and non-professional. As many of you know, shifting to blogger beta has been a nightmare for most of the bloggers. If you don't know read my old posts here, here and here and also go and checkout google's blogger help group at google groups.
I am writing this post because today they did another stupid mistake. They disabled the old feeds url and instead started feeds on this new url: for everyone(atleast all beta users). But before doing this or even after doing this they should have sent a mail notifying us of this, which they didn't. In fact, ideally, they should give us an option whether we want to shift our url or not. Because many people might have subscribed to the old feed and would have no way to know what happened to the old feed. They should additionally display a message at the old feed saying that it has been moved to a new url.
I got to know only when I saw that my new post was not coming on smr's blogroll. Instead my old post was being displayed there.
So, moral of the story, blogger sucks. I think I should move on to wordpress.

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Darnell Clayton said...

I feel your pain...grr...

I am going to email Google about this because that was really annoying (and they need to act like Google, not Microsoft).

John said...

Weren't the beta feed URL's always new & different?

Turbo said...

But they should not have removed the old feeds without notification. And i think they only added a few more feeds, like post comment feed. The post feed was same. But at 2 places instead of one :-

The first one is now disabled.