Friday, August 18, 2006

Finally blogger adds tag support

Finally blogger acts, but not before it lost a hell lot of customer base. I have seen many iiitians switch to wordpress citing the unavailability of tagging(categorizing) feature. Anyways its good to see the new features. A number of cool features have been added:-
1. Category/tags feature has been introduced with the name labels.
2. No need to republish anymore.
3. Site feed for comments also.
4. Easy to change the layout - drag and drop - too cool - a must try.
5. Blogger can email you whenever you write a new post... can create a kind of archive, just in case u delete ur blog by mistake.
Also now you have the option to integrate your blog with google accounts.
You may miss the raw HTML template editing. But you can still do most of those editings using HTML/Javascript page elements that the new template provides. And obviously you have to move to the new template to avail these features(including categorization).
The catch : Google adsense is not working as of now :( ... anyways its useless ... generated just $2.5 in around 1 year.
EDIT : I have found a workaround. See this post.
Blogger is quite late ... in nirnimesh's words - working in damage control mode. Still, better late than ever. I also wanted to switch to wordpress, but didn't coz of laziness.

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