Tuesday, September 26, 2006

IIIT LAN Browser

I have made this IIIT LAN Browser which allows someone from outside iiit to access our lan. Right now following domains are considered as part of IIIT LAN:-
I got this idea in summer when I found that daily tens of people, who were at home, would give their 200 password to me and ask me to check their grades on ISAS. So I thought why not make a site which would help such students.
I have been working on it since summer. The basic site was made in summer only. I implemented everything including forms, response headers like user-agent, accept, etc. But after implementing it I found its still not working for ISAS. To my utter dismay, I found that ISAS site used cookies and my LAN Browser just ignored cookies. I tried ... but couldnt do it.
But now, when exams are so near, I had to find something for keeping me away from studying. So started it again and now its work. Yes... now you can check your grades while at home!

[UPDATE : Now its working for diglib as well. There was some bug. Now you can download softwares from diglib for your home pc.]

This site could also be configured to make it as an anonymous proxy site. I would do such things in future. Right now I think I must study.

And finally this link to my blog : Shaastra Thamesportal Zalecenia Autophytes Invernesshire to increase its PR.

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ShArK said...

Nice work. Was waiting for somebody to make this for quite some time :D

Anonymous said...

hi its not working with diglib

Anonymous said...

you probably forgot to prefix "http://"

Himanshu said...

kewl work..
Neways you can also access diglib and even internet sites when the students ISP link is down from
njoi :D

bEEgle said...

From outside the links is this.

The strange thing is that there's no restriction on 200 ISP on any port or any file type.
is there any way by which we can tunnel torrents to http stream too ?

Turbo said...

Don't know whats the prob. Will see to it.

Your site is great.
I didnt know 200 had a different ISP link. IIIT should make things transparent.

Never tried torrent. Will try in future.

Turbo said...

Bugs removed. Now working for diglib. Now you can download softwares for your home pc from diglib.

Turbo said...

@one of my earlier comments:
Actually 200 does not have a different ISP link. Net works from 200, because IIIT net is normally going down becuase of 204 not working and not because of ISP porblem. So you can still browse net using 200. Check out this.