Saturday, August 19, 2006

Enabling Adsense in the new blogger/blogspot templates

Those who are wondering what is this fuss about new blogger, read my previous post or visit this.
Those who have already added the javascript code and still their adsense is not working, read from step 6. Others see all steps.

1. At the dashboard(the page that opens when you login) , click on settings :-
2. Then go to template tab. If you have not yet moved to a new template(beta template) , do it now as mentioned here .
By default, page elements tab is open.
3. Now click on "add a element" link.

4. A popup will open up showing various kind of page elements. Select the one named "HTML/Javascript".

5. You will be presented with a form. Don't write anything in the title text box because anything that you write here will appear above the adsense thing and will look very bad. In content box paste your adsense code.
[UPDATE(27 Sept, 2006): Blogspot has removed the bug with javascript. So step 6 is no longer required. Continue from step 7.]
6. Now you need to understand a fact about javascript. Most of the javascript codes are included inside comments(HTML comments) so that javascript incompatible browsers are not confused. For example :-
<script type="text/javascript"><!--
Some javascript code
What you need to do is to just remove the red things(comments) in above code. Remove only "<--" and "//-->" and not the matter in between them.
7. Click on save changes button
8. Done!!!
Note that this thing will create problems in javascript incompatible browsers. But then you need adsense, so thats the way.
Also note that step 6 above is required because beta blogger seems to have some bug. Once that bug is removed no need to do step 6. FYI, as of now, step 6 is required for any javascript code whether it is of adsense or not.


HankVenture said...


Jeffrey Miller said...

Thank you so much! I have been trying to figure out how to get my AdSense up and running on my new the new Blogger beta...and your helpful explanation was all it took! Thanks so much again!

Scott said...

Beautiful. Very much appreciated.

Now I just have to wait for Google to stop displaying ads about "What Kind of Mom are You?" on my Fiber the the Premises blog.

TaopaiC said...

It works! Thank you!

Turbo said...

It feels nice to see that my work is of some help to blogger community.

hot zizzy said...

Thanks, that was the one thing I couldn't get to work after I switched to Blogger beta.

Jeff Centimano said...

You 'da man!

R Solutions Inc said...

Thank you mucho, I was totally stuck

SQT said...

Very helpful, but I still can't get the google search engine to work on my blog. Any hints??

w.y. said...

hi, all!

Google China already replied a wellknown Chinese blogger (Gseekerthe way you put adsense code to Blogger beta was not appropriate! So better not do like that first, otherwise you r adsense will risk being cancelled.

Len said...

You Rock. Thank you very much I have been spending time reading and re-reading. You are awesome.

Len said...

Hi again, question I tried to upgrade one of my blogs so it would show layout, did this lost my adsense adds went into the "Add page element" copied and pasted my code and it is in but I want the adds on the right side, they are now in a column at the bottom of page, how do I fix this - thanks.

Turbo said...

Your ads are coming on the right side as expected.(I tried on both IE and firefox). I dont know whats the matter. But many people have experienced same problems. Join the Blogger Help Group at Google Groups and you will surely find your answer.

Jenn said...

We've got a thread going about this on the help group. I still have not gotten a resolution to this problem so I'm gonna keep digging.

Creativity Knows No Bounds ! said...

Had given up figuring it out ! That was awesome.....Thanks a bunch.

Darlene said...

This was the best advice. Thanx much. I've been fighting with the error if you try to save the template, but for some reason it is cool not to save the template. Thanx again, Boo.

Usop said...

I try to put the adsense in my blog just now but it's not working. Your explnation is just what i was looking for. Thanks.

Peter said...

Earlier, you can add Adsense scripts into the Page Element, but AdSense ads wouldn't display, and you would have to do hacks like removing the <!-- and //--> tags from the script. But this problem has been resolved. See post Blogger Beta: Adding advertisement and hit counters, etc.. Read the updates. This has been confirmed by the Adsense Help Center Team.

I have added Adsense ads without tampering with the ads (removing <!-- and //->) and they display OK. Look at blogs
Testing Blogger Beta
Guide to Malaysia.

These are all beta blogs and the scripts have been added in as generated by AdSense.

Please note that tampering with Adsense script is not allowed by Adsense TOS and can lead to account suspension.

Turbo said...

Thanx for enlightening me. That was a bug in blogger beta and I was waiting for it to be resolved. I had mailed them for it. Now it is resolved, so I will remove my tampered code now and again put the correct code :)

Peter said...

SQT said...
Very helpful, but I still can't get the google search engine to work on my blog. Any hints??

There definately is a problem with Google searchbox. See Testing adding of Google Adsense searchbox in Blogger Beta blogs.

Try the searchboxes (not the screenshots). They don't work. And compare the scripts generated by Adsense, and the script obtained from the source code of the blog. They have been rearranged. I have been in contact with both Adsense Help Center and Blogger support. I have got a few human responses from Adsense Help Center, and only botmail from Blogger support as expected. It has been suggested I go into the template editor (EDIT HTML) and paste the code generated by Adsense directly. I have tried this. After adding the searchbox, I have gone into the template editor and tried to look for the searchbox script, but they are nowhere to be found (I have already ticked Expand widget template), but suprisingly, the script can be seen in the source code. Keep a lookout at the post for update.

Tipss_Bse_Nse said...

Thanks first to your soft and useful post to add adsense to beta version. But i have one problem with 728x90 size adds.

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and post the reply

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Homework62 said...

Thanks for sharing, now all i gotta do is find out how to put it inside my content, like I did with my other blog on old blogger.

Anonymous said...

try with this tips of embedding google adsense in beta blogger template, without tampering adsense code or against the adsense TOS

bizcento said...

thanks for nice tutorial. its a great job.

Anonymous said...

thanks buddy but i can have only 3 ads per blog.How can i increase 'em.

Turbo said...

You can have as many ads as you want. But google's policy says its illegal to have more than 3 ads on a page.
However you can have other types of thinks like google referral buttons.

Anonymous said...

Thaks for the advice. It works for me

Anonymous said...

thanks for the help,been battling over 2 weeks with blogger beta
best regards NSR

Anonymous said...

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