Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Shifting to Linux....

It may sound weird for a IIITian to shift to linux so late... 3rd year. There are linux bonds in our batch like Bharat Joshi and Nishant Shobhit who are using it from the first day they brought their PCs. But I simply didn't require linux.
Windows has:-
1. Phodu(good) User Interface
2. Easy software installation.(compare it eith rpms, dependencies, yum , etc.)
3. Games : The most important one.
People may disagree with my views.
Also those points mentioned above are not the main reason for me to use windows. The main thing is that I got used to working on windows and coding in linux(mirage) using putty and listening music in the background in the first year. I was also enthusiastic about linux but sadly our poor PC wouldn't support it. Just in 64MB RAM, you can't think of using linux in graphical mode. After working on windows for 1 full semester, I got habituated to putty and I prefer putty over gnome-terminal/kde-terminal. Its 'instant' copy-paste is too good. Since I coded in linux only, I can also say I used to 'be' on windows and work in linux. So getting the best of both worlds :)
In second year I stopped using mirage but still worked on linux on my friends's machine using putty through my windows PC. I never needed linux on my PC except for the kernel installation assignment in OS.
But now the time has come. How can a geek love windows? No, I am not shifting to linux to be called a geek but simply because I need to. Being in CVIT and working on images and videos, I can no longer use my old putty.(Images you can still handle using Xservers but video? no you can't). So saying goodbye to the faithful Windows OS and stepping into a new home - Linux.
Its not that I am totally new to linux. I know how to install rpms, and how to install using source code, etc. But now linux will be my mainstay - coding, browsing, music, movies - except for games, of course.
I have recently installed FC5 on my PC and learnt to use yum. Its extremely helpful. I als0 intalled mplayer, xmms, dc++, etc. As of now everything is fine and I am loving linux.

Disclaimer: Linux lovers, its just my opinion. I never really used linux(except for coding). So I am not comparing linux and windows here. Just writing my experiences.

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Nirnimesh said...

Welcome aboard.

Better late than never.

Nishant said...

Dude you spoke too much !
" ...
Welcome to the bright land of Linux,
Where the hackers play !! "

Read the entire quartet, its good ! :)

Vardhman said...

Its never a bad time to do a good thing.

Kaushik said...

It's better now than never I guess ..........!!!

ajay somani said...

thats a very gud news ... 1 more in the linux camp .. !!