Monday, August 21, 2006

How to get Yahoo Mail Beta

Yahoo Mail Beta is out there for quite sometime. But alas! only for Yahoo UK, Germany and France(as far as I know). But there is trick at this post that allows Yahoo India users(or for that matter any yahoo user) to get Yahoo Mail Beta.
In essence, what you need to do is to switch your yahoo content preference to Yahoo UK or Germany or France , get the beta version and then switch back to your old preference. See the above link for step by step method.
Note : Yahoo Mail Beta does not yet work on IE7.

PS: The new interface is phodu - specially the drag and drop feature . Try it, its better than gmail.

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Bharat said...

well i'v been using the beta version since its inception (frm abt 3-4 months). its nothing great to cheer abt, some ajax used thr prolly trying to compete with gmail.

Turbo said...

In the first 5 minutes, yahoo appeared too good... specially the drag n drop, tag feature, nice functionalities when u right click etc. etc. These features are too good when u compare with gmail. But yahoo forgot that its reducing the viewing area. Thats the part sucked most and will probably force me to switch back to gmail.
anyways, this post was more about "How to get Yahoo Mail Beta for Yahoo India users than the comparison between yahoo and gmail.

SkullBreaker said...

abe bhailogo...kissi ne rediff kee nayi looks dekhi hai....rediff's now faster with a more user friendly gue than gmail and this yahoo-Beta....

PS: yes, i preffer rediff over both gmail n yahoo....
PS2: yes, i am publicizing rediff over here, hiya;)

Gattina said...

I found you through the help group and wonder if you are able to tell me htlm tags . My sidebar on my travel blog is on the bottom since 2 weeks and nobody could give me an answer so far. When I wanted to edit a post there were a mention :
"closing tag has no matching opening tag." And I cannot find it because I don't know the htlm code for that.
By the way, your sidebar is also on the bottom.
Thanks for an answer per email.

Turbo said...

I can see your sidebar is at bottom, but mine is perfectly fine. Its coming on the right side as expected on my PC and my friends' PCs. I have no idea why my sidebar is at bottom on ur PC.