Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Made Indian ACM Ranklist

Was getting bored of writing php scripts for the cvitportal. So thought to make this site. It lists the top 100 Indians on the UVa acm site on the basis of number of problems solved. It is updated every hour unlike the one I told about here which has not been updated for months.
PS : PHP sucks.
PS1 : CGI Python rocks.

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chaos said...

whn linking always use rather than c sm ppl like me access frm outside iiit :)

Turbo said...

Corrected the link.
I should make a habit of using ""...

ajay somani said...

better option might be using .. coz .. sometimes even doesnt work for me .. I dont kno exactly y

Turbo said...

@ajay somani:
It sounds strange. Though I don't know, but I always thought is a more official host name.

ajay somani said...

It would be better if you can try and make a ranklist of top indian coders at also .. that may help some guys ..