Tuesday, May 16, 2006

IIIT ACM Toppers at UVa

The solvers of highest number of ACM problems on Uva site from IIIT Hyderabad are:-

RankNameProblems SolvedRank in IndiaRank in World
1Ankur Jaiswal21210989
2Manikandan Subramanian118232040
3Visesh Uday Kumar114252115
4Ankur Handa102292370
5Bharat Joshi92342615
Note 1: Some of these guys are continuosly solving problems(one is solving right in front of me). So the above data may change by the time you read this.
Note 2: The ranks in India are not absolutely correct. They have been derived from the old data present on this site.
Note 3: I might have mistakenly left some IIITians name while browsing through the ranklist. Please let me no if someone is left out. Also those keeping logins different from their name are ignored.
Note 4: Kudos to Ankur Handa for being in Top 5 as he is in ECE and not CSE.

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chaos said...

gg guys..gud to c u so much into programming..

sandeep said...

good work guys...keep up the spirit and give your best at actual ACM too..

Koorma Pramodh said...

that sounds awesome!

Ranjai said...


Ranjai said...

I'm ranked 1206 in the world!
see this

Turbo said...

Yes you are. Congrats. But the data on my post is of May 16,2006 not the current one.
To view the current rankings of Indians, visit this.