Saturday, May 06, 2006

Petr wins TCO 2006

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cyfra-7thJohn Dethridge-8th
These are the eight topcoders who advanced to the finals in the sequence of their ranks in the finals. Petr won with a very comfortable margin as he was the only person to crack the hard one. For more on exact scores, visit this.

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Pramodh said...

Though this guy Petr said "coding the right soln for the hardest problem".. but actually in this TCO 2006 onsite,only 2 solutions(if i remember correctly) for 1000 pt problems got accepted after system tests.

Besides all these people are talking very highly about design competitions as they come with very less competitors and high prize money.

chaos said...

its nice to c so many of u interested in programming so early in coll. life..i myself starting solving uva problems at the end of my 5th sem..nd started topcoder in 7th sem..too bad..wish i had started earlier..
neways..all the best to u guys..code wel nd bring hm lots of prizes to IIIT ;)