Thursday, July 06, 2006

Finally the project starts....

Hmm... Wasted 2 months in the name of project and did nothing.
Reason : Prof. Jawahar gave us the job to make a portal : an extremely boring job.
He told us to complete the portal in 10 days and then start with our project. It was actually 10 days work only. But it was so boring that we would work on it for 2 hours after a gap of every 10 days! And add to it Prof. Jawahar's style of asking you to change everything once you have completed. We had to change the entire(almost entire) portal 2 times. So.. 2 months passed.
Now its complete(atleast we have stopped working on it and Prof. Jawahar didn't ask us to do anything more on it.)
And now we are starting our summer project on Shot Boundary Detection. It sounded pretty boring to me at first, but after reading a few research papers I think its interseting and I am ready to dive into it!
Hope we will work sincerely on it.

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