Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Welcome to CVIT - Day 1

Got the first hand experience of what being a part of CVIT(Centre for Visual Information Technology,IIIT) means. Got to know why seniors said CVIT requires so much of work. Got to know Why ppl run away from it.
Today was our first CVIT lecture. This trend of CVIT lecture has been started from this year. So the first CVIT class was sheduled at 9:30am today. And true to his style, Prof. Jawahar was there even before we reached. So this class was all about image - very basic image stuff. He told us about B&W, grayscale and colored images. Then different file formats : pbm, pgm, ppm, gif, jpeg, etc. These all were easy to understand. But the real surprise came towards the end of the class. We got an assignment!! Yes, on the very first day. We have to develop an image library for basic image processing like rotation, zoom, crop, etc. And to add to that, the time given to us was just 7hrs : From 11(the time when class ended) to 6pm. We were to meet at 6'0 clock in the evening to integrate all codes to develop the final library.
But as you might have guessed, we are used to postponements, and no one completed it. And its not only abt getting used to postponement, but the task given was so big that its bound to take time however sincerely you work. Ohh.. I forgot to mention Paresh Jain sir was also there in today's lecture and he showed us some example programs on how to read/write various image formats. So now he came at the 6pm meeting to integrate our codes. He was pretty surprised to see that we haven't done anything. I guess he has now got used to CVIT so he was surprised that we did almost nothing ;) Ok, but finally at the end Rasagna got postponement till tomorrow morning from Prof. Jawahar(he had to go to J's house to ask for it). But still so less time. I wonder if any one would be able to complete it by tomorrow morning.
I guess for the next 2 and half months(or even more?) we are going to be screwed badly. But atleast we can say onething ,As Prof PJN put it "We are VIP people" :D
VIP = Visual Information Processing people :D
PS : Does blogspot has smiley support ?

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Cipher said...

You'll be working under the BigJ right ?
And yes, I too share your sentiments
And if you do not know whoami, ask [bd]akait

Anonymous said...

cool man, you got 7 hrs to do a stupid assignment...
I remember we getting 1 night for our entire honors project(3 ppl) to be kept in the R&D Showcase ;))

bakait himself said...

ok, its not 2 b made fun of!
n chiPPAR: its NOT dakait X-( . u will shot right in the head, the next time this word encountered!