Thursday, April 20, 2006

CVIT Day 2 & 3 and more ...

So, after the extermely hectic first day, I had an extremely relaxed second day. Now note that only "I" had a relaxed day. Thats because my body refused to do any more work. I slept all through the day and finally woke up at 3'0 clock. So missed the class. It was a two and half hour class. Missed a lot. And since I didn't attend the class I was not in a position to do the 2nd day's assignments. So no work :) Watched 5 episodes of Rome continuously ;)
OK so then came the third day. This was on video - quite an interesting topic. I enjoyed this class the most. Was taken by Tarun Jain sir(This link is currently not working as tarun sir has disabled permissions . Dunno why ). We were basically taught reading and writing videos in mpeg format.
Got 3 assignments today :-

  1. Implement a basic video player which reads a video file and displays the sequence of frames in a GL window.
  2. Capture a strem of images from a webcam, save it as video sequence with each video of 10 secs. and generate the output in HTML with each video hyperlinked by its thumbnail (a smaller size version of the first frame)
  3. Capture output of an openGL program (any existing one with you, which has some motion/navigation) and save it as a video.
All three are pretty easy, not because we are bond in video processing but because of the API that we got. Its so simple to use. Using this API reading, writing video is as simple as reading, writing a normal file. And this was developed by our seniors at CVIT. Thanx to them. But one problem with it, it has no sound support yet. Hope one of us will add that functionality.
Being Cyrus
Sucks big time. Don't watch it if you haven't yet. When I heard the name first time, it sounded interesting to me. I mean a hindi movie by such a name ought to be different. It was different ... but in the wrong sense. Just the same double cross story.


It rocks. Not because of the tasty scenes (is tasty the right word? who cares anyway?) but it has trully depicted the minds of the people during the ceaserian era. Its so real. A person is on one side now and switches his loyalty so quickly at the next monent. The king turns into a slave in a matter of seconds. That time the world was so violent. How a person's minded is so easily corrupted by the powerfuls. So much politics. I bet today's politicians are nothing as compared to the nobels of the roman era when it comes to treachery, betrayal and shrewdness. A must watch.

PS: I wonder what happened to iiitbuzz. Has cmdrbuzz left for home?

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bored said...

if u say tht tasty, i'd say ur taste is rather nasty :P

Cipher said...

Ah.. the [bd]akait again leaves his impression on the turbine.

ROFL @ tasty scenes !