Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Next post on topcoder

Nowadays I am totally addicted to Topcoder. Its not all about programming but there is a lot of fun in the forums as well. Well, this post was supposed to be all on Topcoder and why I am addicted to it. But due to lack of time ( I want to go to sleep early. Don't want to miss any more CVIT classes.) - so I was saying due to lack of time today I thought I won't do justice to it by finishing it too quickly. So I will be writing about Topcoder tomorrow. Keep waiting ... ( obviously only they who are interested :) ).
But LOL. This blog now seems useless. So let me post a screenshot of topcoder to make it up. It looks cool, isn't it ?

I know you would say why a screenshot. I donno myself. I am nowadays inclined towards putting pics on my blog, makes it look better :)

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