Wednesday, August 24, 2005

So Called IIIT Football Ground

I have two marks on my legs :- one on my right knee and the other on the left. One I got in a serious accident when my scooter skidded on a rainy day at a high speed on a sharp turn .... and the other .... in our Football Ground last year during 4*100 m relay race. ... and both look alike. This shows the severity of the problem.
And it happens almost daily that someone gets hurt. Yesterday only, one of my friends ( he is in our college football team) fell down and hurt his right palm ... and the midsems are approaching.
The IIIT Football ground isn't worthy of being called a ground at all. Its a desert( i really mean it). Has loads of sand and stones. I complained to the Sports Council last year .. but with no effect. I only got a reply that :" I agree with you. We will think about it. "
In the discussion forum, someone said to "plant grass on it during the summer vacation". But how can grasses grow in sand ?? We had enough rains both this year and last year , and yet u can see how much grass the ground has. The soil is the problem . Its because of the sandy soil that grasses don't grow and its again because of the soil that we get hurt severely. If u fall and ur hands skid/slide on it, the sand particles cut through the skin and aggravates the wound. Therefore i suggest that the soil should be replaced. And for this we don't need to wait till a vacation as we need in case of growing grasses.
I think the campus green club can take this issue. I am also mailing to Sports Council. Hope this year they will do something.

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