Tuesday, August 16, 2005

My Second Blog

Hey, I assure u my netxt blog's title won't be "My Third Blog". I wasn't getting any nice title .. so i used this one. So this my second blog only ... and i m out of thoughts. I dont know what to write.
Lets start with CZ. As u might have guessed, i won't have written abt CZ if i hadn't played it well today. Today i played really well and thrashed all others. I payed de_dust_2 and awp .Today i was thinking abt doing my ITWS assignment( shelve address program thru web based interface). But i couldn't do it because of CZ. Sill i searched somethings on Gooole and i got a site which provides some custom templates to u..... well i didn't like it much.. but u can check it out
Hey man , i dont know what to write ..... bye

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1 comment:

Bharat said...

`Hey man , i dont know what to write`
i think some more "hey"s will do 4 u ;)