Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Projects and my Wishlist

So finally we all(ug2,iiit hyd) have been alotted ITWS-3 projects. Some got their first preference, some 2nd and some none. Some are curious whereas some are frightened.
The main purpose of my writing this blog was to write about my friend Abheet Bharti and his poor luck with the ITWS-3 project. He got none of the five preferences that he chose. Ask Why? Because he has the first roll number(200401001) in our batch. Prof. Vikram Pudi, in his mail, used his roll number as an example to explain us the format in which we have to submit our preferences through mail. So everyone replied to that mail. But the example was written in almost every one's mail( because they all also included the original message by pudi in their reply). So when our gr8(no offence intended) professor used 'grep' to extract the preferences out of the mails, abheet's preferences where extracted as the one in the example and not his original one. And alas!! he didn't want any of these projects.
Then he went to the proff. and compalined. Pudi said "I can't do anything now. You have to choose one of the remaining projects." So Abheet finally got the 'Robosoccer Project'.
But alas! his nightmares didn't end here. When the remaining allotment list was announced, Abheet got some other project!!!!! .......... Bad Luck.
.....Payed the price of being the first :)

Ok. now see again the topic of this blog .... It says something else also apart from projects. MY WISHLIST. These are the things( actually programs, softwares.etc) that i intend to make. Not under any proff. but myself. My wishlist is quite long and i m only describing here about the first object in my wishlist :-
The IIIT Search Engine
Well, i know many readymade softwares must be already there for LANs such as ours or maybe google itself is more than enough ... but I am making it out of my curiosity and blablabla(i m not getting correct word to describe. After all i got only B- in English :) ).
So today i did a bit of research on it. In fact i was doing this for last few days. But today i got a kind of breakthrough. I made out how to parse html scripts to extract out relevant information on it. It could be very easily done by httplib module of python. Python is great. It has something for everything. Now my next task is find out how to store all the data and index them.

Ok now I will stop. Rest of wishlist will be unleashed in coming blogs.

PS:- All wishes do not come true. :)

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Bharat said...

abe don't comment on prof's. If they ever get to reach here( though P(reachin here by some prof)<0.01 ) it'll surely not be good 4 u. Neways i understand u r a gr8 creator/inventor but ur poor luck apple didn't fall on ur head!!.
btw u _for_sure_ don't deserve a B- in english tht too with the gr8est sucker of all times APANA(i wish he reads this) taking our classes. Phew! i understand how hard u would have worked(ppl. let ur imagination flow here to gr8est xtents possible) to get tht grade. :P
One last thing ur sukkin blog doesn't allow tag, a basic one.

Sagar Rastogi said...

I agree.. some profs are aware of the IIIT blogroll and they sometimes read posts they consider interesting. So be careful what you write.

Btw, it's really commendable that you are working on your own ideas purely out of interest. Best of luck!

Turbo said...

Thanks for your wishes, sir.