Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Shaatsra SEO Contest Results

So here are the results of the contest in which I wasted almost one month.

  1. Atrieecs
  2. Saarang
  3. Priya Venkateshan
Yes, my contest blog is not there. So sad!!
But I am sure I am fourth. And I am sure I would have been second or third only if Google hadn't banned by blog. It banned my blog just when it reached the top. You are so bad google bot. You didn't ban when others were spamming. And you banned all when my splog(spam blog) came at top. So bad!!! You are partial google...

PS: Made my own blackish template. Its fcuking cool!!
PS1: Blogger offers so less templates. I don't know why I am not shifting to wordpress.

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