Sunday, October 08, 2006

My take on attendance policy

A hot debate is going on on Karan's blog regarding the attendance policy. Here I am presenting my own views and solutions.

My Views:-
1. 85% is too much. Should be reduced to 70%.
2. Reducing grades should not be the punishment for less attendance. Faculty says you perform bad if u dont attend classes. So we already get punished by getting bad grades. Then why to reduce grade further on top of it.

Note: Faculty says we perform bad if u we dont attend, not I :) There are tens of examples of students who got an A and then their grade is reduced because of less attendance(including me :( ). So, in a way faculty's argument itself is at fault. Either way, its proved that reducing grade is not a solution.

My Solution:-
If at all there has to be a punsihment, then it should be doing some kind of social work for a week or two, like teaching slum kids, etc. Or may be attend Jivan Vidya for a week. Prof. Sangal will agree to it :) There should be an FSIS where we can say to the faculty to change the punishment to doing social work.


Karan said...

ha ha.. :D now that is an interstin solution

NagaRohith said...

eggjactly.....detention for bunking classes....should not be a problem for an international institute like us :D

Anita said...
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Shant said...

My name is shanti Marie I will link to your blog. I noticed when I went to "projects" the first letter of each sentence is missing or covered up by the big orange retangle on the left side of the paragraph.. just thought you should know.

Dr.David said...

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Ankit said...

Here in IIIT ,Allahabad we do have 80 % attendance rule ..buts in generally ignored ..going for 85 attendance is asking for too much from students

Turbo said...

@ankit from iiita:
and here(iiit hyd), such a high percentage is demanded along with the draconian rule of reducing grades.
<85% : reduce grade by 1
<75% : reduce grade by 2
<65% : straight F!!!!