Thursday, October 19, 2006

Spamming under my name !!!

There is an entry in iiit blogroll with the name "sandy" that is not mine. That blog is contesting for the google seo contest. Now as soon as I stopped spamming, someone else is doing this under my name!!

UPDATE : That blog has been removed now. so here is the screenshot:-

Read on for the full story.....

For quite long I have been spamming in my splog(spam+blog) Shaastra Thamesportal Zalecenia Autophytes Invernesshire. This all I was (and I am) doing for the Google SEO contest being conducted by IITM as a part of its techfest Shaastra.
I also used comment spamming hoping to increase my PR only to find that most blog sites(wordpress, in my case) put the attribute rel="nofollow" in all links posted in comments. That attribute was started/proposed by google and basically means that google won't consider the link with this attribute for page rank purposes.
Then I slowly realised that I should not comment-spam. I also apolozised. Then I realised that I am also spamming blogroll by registering my splog there. It was today only that I asked smr to remove my splog from blogroll. And then....... I was surprised to see a similar splog on blogroll under my name!!

Well its not exactly my name, that guy's name is also sandeep, Sandeep Reddy. [Update: and he is with his friend ad srikanth]. They are students of IITM karshak engg college hyd. He is They are the one who are at top in this contest right from the beginning. Theirs blog is at Everyone else has tasted all positions in google search results, but THIS blog has never budged from the top. Congrats to them for that. But dude! don't spam under my name or under a name that is similar to mine. Anyways, you blog is going to be removed soon as you are not a iiit student. I have mailed smr.

PS: The guy, Sandeep Reddy, who is at top , is quite a bright student. See his webpage here.
PS1: If not me, someone with a similar name is winning this contest. I would love to see the top two positions going to SANDEEPs.... only problem is , it would have been better if I was the first one and he the second :)

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brianfox said...

whoever he is, his blog/site is freaking ugly... uuuugh