Thursday, September 08, 2005

UG1 vs UG2 Surprise!!!!!

Yesterday we had a football match : ug1 main team VS ug2 Surprise - the people who seldom play football. But we still beat them..... yes we did beat.... and it was a very very very ... exciting match.
Our match was sheduled at 5pm and i don't know what enemity God Indra has with IIIT .... yes, it rained again ... not just drizzles but a full fledged rain. But see the excitement of UG2 surprise .... we still wanted to play and reached the ground 10 mins before. But alas !!, the excitement was not with the ug1 ppl. So what to do ?? ... We were fully drenched with water and there was no point in going back. we started playing amongst us .... and then ... we saw a ray of hope ... a ug1 was coming. We caught him and sent him to call the ug1 football team. And then after waiting for ages .... ug1 ppl started coming 1 by 1 ... after around one and half hours, the match finally started .
Every one played with full enthusiasam and first,we scored a goal (luckily it was me :) ). But then, they fought back and soon it was 1-1. Then we scored again ... Dhruvan took a nice header off a corner kick (i took the corner kick :)) and we were 2-1. Then till the end we were at the top, but ..... just 30 seconds before the match was supposed to end ... they 2-2 now.
So what next ? .. played 5 mins more but with no result. Then came the penalty ... and with the Xtra quick reflexes of our goalkeeper Mohit Jain,
WE WON, hurrah!!!!!!!!!!!.

But that was not all, before we could realise, we were out in the rain , fully drenched for more than 2 hours. So , I got fever and had to take paracetamol to bring down my temperature.

Oh! I forgot to mention others. Our team captain was Abheet Bharti, who made sure that every aspiring UG2 got a chance to play, sometimes in place of himself. Our other goalkeeper, Sankalp Mulye aka sikka has a few nice saves to his credit. Then, Gaurav Ruhela, whose breath taking last penalty made us win the game. Sandeep Saini and Ankur Singla(singla scored in penalty as well) did a nice job as defender. Saini made quite a few nice clearances. Anuj, Sumit,Abhay all did a gr8 job in defence and midfield. Dhruvan(not to forget his nice header), Rahul Chauhan and S Rahul were wonderful strikers.

This was the one of the best matches we ever played...... .

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Sankalp said...

yeah the match was a really exciting one.I had heard about the fun of playing football in rain and mud and I must say it is 100% true.
Well,I had a very important contribution in making the match exciting(I was the goalkeeper who let the 2 ug1 goals in and set the stage for Mohit's heroics).

Anonymous said...

saale chutiye
apna kaarnama likhna jaroori tha??
why did you forget me??
it was because of me that your team won.(because i did not play in the team :-P)

Anonymous said...

abe, mujhe bhool gaya kya?

Anonymous said...

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