Thursday, January 11, 2007

Not in IIIT? but still of IIIT? Its for you then...

What a catchy line! Steve Jobs should choose me to campaign for Apple's iPhone ;)

This post is just about a Firefox extension that I made that I allows one to browse IIIT LAN when you are outside IIIT! Yes, from any part of the world. It supports http, https, and yes ftp also ;) Its called IIIT LAN Browser. (suggestions for a better name?). However its meant to be used ONLY by IIITians. So you are required to login using your 200 ID(once per session). I guess alumni still have their 200 IDs, right?

And there is one more Firefox extension. FuckProxy 0.2 is released. Its basically the old one with with a few bug fixes and auto-update support. I request you for the last time to uninstall your previous version and install this one. Auto-update will then take care of all future upgrades.


Nirnimesh said...

Solid cool useful stuff. Keep it up.

kunal said...

nice... thanks :)

Manoj said...

this is really impressive work,
way to go!!

sumanth said...

nice woorkk there !

Arvind Krishna said...

Woww.. Way to go turbo !!

btw, can you update me on the ACM programming contests and IIITians performance this year??

(btw, this is Aravind, ur once-upon-a-time TA :D )

Turbo said...

@arvind krishna:
Hey, Obviously I remember you. Don't embarass me by explaining your identity.

This year there were two teams from IIIT:-
CTRL_D : Me,Ankur Jaiswal and Ranjai Banerji (all 3rd year)
Coupie-coup-pate/OpenGL: Ajay Somani, Sharat Chandra and Abhilash I (all 2nd year)
IIIT wanted to send both the teams to both the sites(Kanpur & Coimbatore).
But Kanpur site mysteriously selected only 1 team(Somani's) after the prelims. They even selected some teams that didn't participate in prelims, but not us. Anyways, in the finals Somani's team came 16th.
At Coimbatore, both teams went. We came 7th. Somani's team came 9th. But I must tell the Coimbatore contest was very very very badly organised. You will understand how bad it was if you read these threads at TopCoder and UVa.

PS: I actually wanted to write a post on how badly and lightly(without seriousness) ACM regionals are conducted in India. But then I thought otherwise.(you know what people will say...)

Turbo said...

I don't know if you will read the threads. But if you read the thread at TopCoder, then the actual part starts from the last post of the first page.

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Aravind Krishna K said...

Hi Turbo,

my new sem has started, so the delay in replying ! I hav gone through the link u had sent, its highly ridiculous, the way it was organized and the type of questions. even last yr, wen rama n mani went to calcutta, they had a very poor accommodation & had to suffer due to lack of sleep.. Anyway, don't lose heart & I'm hoping to see you ppl in the top5 in bitwise over the weekend.. (& ur opensource contributions, the search n firefox plugins etc are awesome.. Keep up the good work !)

keep posting n commenting !